Blue Ridge Bowhunters Archery Club

Leicester, North Carolina, USA



Located just 20 minutes north of Asheville, NC, the Blue Ridge
Bowhunters Archery Club is dedicated to promoting field archery,
3-D archery, and bow hunting.

We have one of the largest club memberships in the state of North Carolina,
and are proud to offer opportunities for archers of all ages, from the
 novice to the professional, to practice, compete, and enjoy camaraderie
 with other archery enthusiasts. 


  All of our activities are family-friendly.
Safety and fair play are paramount.

We firmly believe that passing on these traditional skills to our children and grandchildren is the only way to ensure that our sport remains viable in the future.


While many of our members shoot the finest and most advanced compound bows,
        our club also includes a large number of traditional archers.  If you are interested in
  any aspect of archery, you will find someone in our club who speaks your language.
Crossbows, however, are not allowed on the property
of Blue Ridge Bowhunters at any time!


We are a private club, and our ranges and property are for the use of member only.  We ARE NOT a commercial archery facility, and we do not offer archery lessons or any other retail materials.

Non-members ARE encouraged and welcomed to attend our weekend shoot events (see the calendar for event dates).  If you are interested in archery but do not know where or how to begin, we invite you to attend one of our weekend events.  You'll find no shortage of expert advice and tips for beginners as well as advanced archers and bow hunters!


FOR PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS:  A great way to get into archery, or to sharpen your skills, is to become a member of Blue Ridge Bowhunters.  Membership allows you free access to the range all year.  To become a member you must come out to the club property during a weekend shoot event or one of the Thursday evening gatherings* and one of the officers will show you around and discuss membership options.  We do not accept new members without an in-person meeting, and membership dues cannot be paid online.

*Thursday evening "3D and Dinner" gatherings happen each week during Daylight Savings Time.   The fun begins around 4 PM and continues until it's too dark to shoot.  Hot dogs are on the grill once the bows are racked. 


   N.F.A.A. approved field archery range 

  25-target 3-D range

    We proudly support: North Carolina Bowhunters Association
  National Field Archery Association   
North Carolina Field Archery Association
Western North Carolina Archery Circuit


Blue Ridge News -- 8/21/2023    

Thanks to everyone that helped set up, manage, and clean up after our first annual "Bowhunter Tune-Up" event, which was held on August 19.  Everyone agreed that it was a good time.  Adding this event to our schedule in future years is under consideration.  

Our weekly
Thursday night "3D and Dinner" gatherings are going strong as usual.  Fellowship, food, and fun in abundance.  Use the Red Rock Road entrance and please consider bringing a covered dish to share.  The fun starts around 4PM, but come when you can.



If you have a question about joining the club or about scores, first carefully read the information found here on the web site.  If you still have questions, post them on our Facebook page.       



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